armored toyota land cruiser ambulance

Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance

The Toyota Land Cruiser has always been the most preferred armored ambulance for government and NGO use because of its credibility, reliability, and versatility.
This kind of vehicle deserves to be secured with robust armoring applications because it’s purposely made to save lives and protect people from tragic circumstances, and it is made possible by Schutzcarr Global’s armoring solutions.


  • 4.5L V8 Twin Turbo diesel Intercooler Engine
  • 4,461 cc
  • 6-speed Automatic
  • 8-seater
  • 5-door Station Wagon

Armored enhancement

  • Armored plating
  • Ballistic glass reinforced on door windows and windshield ( OEM )
  • MIG-Welding on roof and floor
  • Protected tank, tailpipe, radiator, battery, and control module of the engine
  • Reinforced suspension components
  • Run flat tyres
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