armored toyota fortuner



Toyota Fortuner

The 7-Seater Toyota Fortuner is perfect for families that are always up for different adventures. 
And with SG’s armoring solutions, your family will be safe each time you’re on the road because of the unsurpassed protection and ballistic properties that the transparent applications can do for your vehicles. Our skilled workers can apply the armored plating to your Toyota Fortuner seamlessly.


  • Engine: 2.5L - 4.7L I4 / V6 / V8
  • Drive: Front engine RWD or 4WD
  • Fuel: Petrol / Diesel

Armored enhancement

  • B4 Level of Protection ( Recommended )
  • B4 and B5 Level of Protection ( Applicable )
  • SG’s armored plating
  • Ballistic glass reinforced on door windows and windshield
  • Protected tank, tailpipe, radiator, battery, and control module of the engine
  • Armored rear bulkhead
  • Tailpipe protection
  • Upgraded suspension and brake systems
  • Run flat tyres
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