The Italian Army Receives Its First IVECO LYNX 2 LMVS
New Tank Battalion To Empower German Military Army


The Italian army had already received the first batch of Light Multirole Vehicles (LMVs) Lince 2 (Lynx 2 ) – 34 of the latest vehicles arrived from the IVECO Defence and these LMVs have NEC (Network-Enabled Capability); this relevant and important event in the Italian troop can give so much benefit in the aforementioned army. This contract covers up to 400 vehicles and the remaining is yet to land.

The Lynx 2 is filled with modernity and latest technologies. It is an upgraded version of other defense vehicles that are manufactured by the Italian company, IVECO. The manufacturing of the Lynx 2 is based on all the prone and dangers that are encountered in the field – hence, ensuring its functionality and operational requirements.

The LMV 2 was unveiled last 2016 in the European exhibition in June. It weighs over 8,100 kg with an enhanced suspension system, ensuring the comfort of the passengers and drivers utilizing the vehicle.

The vehicle has now automatic drivetrain management, tire central inflation system, and electronic stability program. The engine as well is turbocharged with diesel, creating 220hp with an 8-speed automatic transmission with torque converter and 2-ration transfer case which is permanent.

Its ‘standard’ road speed is 90 km/hr but with the ‘battle switch’, it can run up to 110 km/hr.

The projectiles have also been improved – there are many other features that are enhanced in the new model, making it a good choice for armies and troops. The V-shape hum of the vehicle and the suspended seats are just two of numerous features that are added in the latest model.

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