Drive around and travel in ultimate comfort and complete security with an Armored car from SchutzCarr Global – the trusted Armored vehicle experts
The procedures and the products that SchutzCarr Global use are all based on the highest form of military standards – they make sure that all cars are developed to be Armored. The mobile solutions are done by credible professionals and experts, which make sure that the outcome of each car is beyond imagination. SchutzCarr Global takes ample time in analyzing how they can successfully give the best armoring cars solutions for their customers.
SG’s protection analysis is updated and obliging to the standards of international armoring ethics. 
All the cars at SchutzCarr Global are smeared with comprehensive protection from explosions and bullets. They have professionals in their team who can apply these solutions efficiently. 
We base all our ballistic specifications from international standards namely:
Europe & Middle East:
CEN (Central European Normalization)
DIN (Germany)
North America:
NIJ (National Institute of Justice)
UL (Underwriter Laboratories)



Schutzcarr has presence in over 50 countries