SG Armored SchutzCarr Global utilizes products that are developed specifically for the purpose of armoring vehicles and protecting the life of cars from bullets and explosions.

Vehicle Manufacturing Process

All our armoring solutions and procedures at SG are done in a meticulous manner to come up with the high-quality Armored car:

Step 1: Disassembling the interior of the vehicle – panels, exterior parts, trim, and other equipment.

Step 2: We armor the hinges and doors of the vehicle for maximum protection.

Step 3: The welding of armor plates on the floor, firewall, roof, verticals, and engine bay of the cars are stitched.

Step 4: The transparent armor is installed at the front, read, and side windshields, to protect your car.

Step 5: We reinforce the suspensions to maximize the performance of the car.

Step 6: The car is outfitted with high-performing run-flat tires.

Step 7: We cover the fuel tank, battery ,and ECM with protective ballistic steel.

Step 8: Re-assembling all the stripped parts of the vehicle.

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, SchutzCarr Global can effectively apply high-quality armoring solutions to it. The experts in their team are skilled more than enough to do this knowingly and professionally – so rest assured that after the manufacture, your car will be secure and safe from harmful elements – making it a high-quality Bulletproof car.


Schutzcarr has presence in over 50 countries