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In the early days of December 2018, Germany had unveiled their first and new tank battalion at Lüneburg Heath. It was introduced in the official ceremony at the Munster army training ground. The Defence Minister of Germany, Ursula von der Leyen was also present at the ceremony. The new tank will effectively enhance that military power of Germany most especially its armed forces and meet the NATO commitments.

The first four companies’ tanks will be fully operational in duty starting on October 2019 it will be armed with Leopard 2A6. It will be positioned in the south of Frankurt, Hardeim. The second will be active on October 2021 and Bavaria and Thuringia will be given tanks as well.

This movement of Germany is their way of upgrading their military forces – by the utilizing latest battle tanks that will join the 363rd Panzer Battalion. The chancellor of Germany had already announced the plans of making this possible and spending 1.5% of GDP solely on this.

All the tanks have enhanced and improved special features like its shape, the frontal arc, and armoring protection which can make it safe from any ballistic force. The protection makes it resistant to any kinetic and chemical energy attacks.

The latest model, Leopard 2A7V, also is armed with firearms and new generation of armors. It has programmable universal projectile DM11 as well from the Rheinmetall.

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