Key Advantages Of Schutzcarr

SG Armouring values safety and life protection completely. Our armored cars are made with sleek designs and engineering solutions, to be able to come up with supreme ballistic protection. In addition to that, our advanced procedures allow us to produce variety of cars at a rapid delivery time with unsurpassed protective solutions on each. 


SG has the capability to integrate armoring to a vehicle based on its original shell or through replacing it altogether – they do it in a careful and seamless manner, whilst protecting the surfaces of the car from inside, hence, the armoring panels can guarantee that there are no gaps in inside and outside of the shell, making sure that the Armored car will be rigid enough to resist external blasts. 
Our welding techniques are exceptional – allowing the preservation of ballistic properties of the steel and joints of the vehicles, giving extra protection to it. The doors, pillars, and hinges are Armored as well, creating a strong frame, without harassing the original shell of the car.
We cover the ECU, batteries, and fuel tanks of our Armored cars with ballistic steel and utilize fitted run-flats for the wheels, including the spare tires. In addition, the handles and brakes of the Armored car are also suspended with heavy-duty materials that are suited with the usage of the cars. 
In conclusion, SG professionally integrates the armoring solutions to all of the original elements of the car, to reinforce unsurpassed protection and security on the car, retaining its original body structure with added integrity and armoring specifications.
SG’s production armoring level is “B6”, based on the European CEN standards, but also offers protection levels of “B4” and “B7”. Our ballistic protections are based on NATO STANAG, US NIJ, Russian GHOST, standards – and we can customize this depending on the required standard of the customer. In the B6 level, all four sides of the car are covered with Armored steel and glass that are resistant to any external force.
We use materials that are opaque, transparent, and durable – designed to exceed the expectations of the European Standards. 


The Armored Lexus LX750 at SG is fit for off-road and major towing purposes. It has an incredible power and performance that can give comfort and armoring capabilities. we offer protection levels that are beyong compare, making sure that the experience that one can get from our Lexus LX750 will depend on reliability, durability, and protection.
All parts of this Armored car are fabricated intricately to achieve unrivaled security.


The bulletproof Land Cruiser has a superfine suspension and engine that makes it an incomparable off-road vehicle. Through SG’s armoring solutions, governments, embassies, Special Forces, and other organizations will be able to use this car with supreme protection and ballistic properties.
SG performs unsurpassed bulletproofing techniques that will allow you to not only travel in comfort but with ultimate safety as well. Achieve both and allow yourself to drive with confidence and security with our bulletproof Land Cruiser.


Schutzcarr Global offers a wide range of vehicle armoring services that allow any car to be protected with the highest quality of protection and fortification. 
As one of the best vehicle armoring companies, Schutzcarr Global specifically aims to make cars durable and tough with unsurpassed and heightened performance, thus, producing cars that have military-grade quality. They give armoring solutions for SUVs, Sedans, special mobile units, APCs, cash in transit, and heavy-duty trucks. All the procedures and operations are based on the highest military standards; hence, guaranteeing their customers to receive supreme mobile solutions that are required. 
Operating globally – Africa and MENA – Schutzcarr Global knows how vehicle armoring is needed today, assisting you in achieving utmost comfort and security that is why they do their best, together with all the experts in their family, to perform the kind or armoring solutions that their customers need.
The armoring procedures that SG applies in all the vehicles offer a complete supporting structure that can spare the cars from extensive stress – even the interior of the Armored cars will be covered with unsurpassed armoring protection.
We offer extensive armoring solutions to a wide range of vehicles – our team rigorously work on each project with utmost professionalism. Our passion in giving this kind of solution to our clients have made us prevail in the field that we are in. We fleet of Armored cars include:


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What Makes Us Different


Our Facilities

Over 50,000 sqft of total production facilities capable of completing the most demanding contracts on time.


Our Global Presence

Service presence in Africa throughout the entire year.


Complete Logistics

Complete Logistics and optimizations handled by us from start to finish.



Full Standard

Many standard features in our designs are considered extra or optional by our competitors.


Variety of Vehicles.

All types of civilian and military Vehicles.


Customized Armored Vehicles 

Special Projects, R&D, we build based on the requirements of our clients.


Schutzcarr has presence in over 50 countries