GMC Savana CIT


B4 / B6

GMC Savana CIT

The GMC Savana CIT is equipped with the most advanced technologies, all suited for the convenience of the driver, which makes the driving experience heightened and improved. 
At Schutzcarr Global, however, we can apply customized armoring solutions to the GMC Savana CIT based on the requirements of the client. Additionally, these armoring procedures are guaranteed to spare the vehicle from hazardous external elements while being driven on the road.


  • Engine Type: 6.0L / 6.5L V8
  • Output: 325 hp
  • Dimensions: W - 2,017mm | L - 5,690mm | H - 2,073mm
  • Wheelbase: 3,429 mm
  • Drive Configuration: RWD
  • Seats: 2 (Driver + Co-Passenger)

Armored enhancement

  • B4/B6 Level of Protection
  • Roof and Floor plating
  • Armor plating with Addons 
  • Ballistic glass reinforced on door windows and windshield
  • Upgraded suspension components 
  • Run flat tyres
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