Armored Personnel Carriers

We, Schutzcarr, are one of the leading armoring companies that there are. Our military-grade armoring solutions are exceptionally designed and developed to give unrivalled protection, security, and defense, in and out of the battlefield. 
Additionally, our transfigured schemes are meticulously applied to fit different kinds of function and purpose.

APC 6x6 ( Tygra )

This 6x6 version can accommodate up to 10 crew members, with still a generous space for the diver and the commander.    It’s undeniably palpable – the supremacy, reliability, and durability of this 6x6 APC that can survive any kind…

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Military Grade

Schutzcarr Global helps in ensuring the safety of your personnel in the battlefield through specialized Armored personnel carriers. These Vehicles are also used for transporting goods and medical supplies into the battlefield or any high-risk situations.…

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