Design and Development Process

With our effective design and development processes, we have managed to develop a systematic approach in giving operative armoring solution to any type of vehicle.


We carefully monitor all the trends in the market to be able to utilize the latest technologies, components, and materials to ensure that we’ll meet the client’s requirements.


Our engineers at SG are dedicated and passionate enough to collaborate together, in order to come up with a masterpiece and apply exceptional ballistic protection to create state-of-the-art Armored cars.


The quality assurance that we do for all our Armored cars are from superb methods to ensure that the quality of our Armored cars will be incomparable and direly durable. All the Armored vehicles are tested rigorously to guarantee its ability to withstand dangerous situations.
Schutzcarr’s reliable and durable armored cash in transit vehicles can safely transport cash and valuables in bulletproof cit vehicles equipped with 360° surrounded surveillance. SG can customize any type of cash in transit vehicles. However you want it to look like, no matter what design and exterior you want, we can do it for you.
We can build tailor-made Armored cars that have ideal engines and attributes that you can’t find anywhere else. We ensure to meet the technical demands of the vehicles, applying solutions that make all our cars suited even for off-road activities.


SG is in fact one of the leading manufacturers of certified materials needed for armoring solutions and applications. Our ballistic reinforcements are considered to be 100% indisputable.
The lightweight and composite protection steel we put in our Armored cars are made from high-quality resources, specially made and designed to ensure that all the parts of the vehicle will be Armored and functioning well.


We really love what we do

What Makes Us Different


Our Facilities

Over 50,000 sqft of total production facilities capable of completing the most demanding contracts on time.


Our Global Presence

Service presence in Africa throughout the entire year.


Complete Logistics

Complete Logistics and optimizations handled by us from start to finish.



Full Standard

Many standard features in our designs are considered extra or optional by our competitors.


Variety of Vehicles.

All types of civilian and military Vehicles.


Customized Armored Vehicles 

Special Projects, R&D, we build based on the requirements of our clients.


Schutzcarr has presence in over 50 countries