The Toyota Hilux is perfect for urban roads and off-roads. It is in fact proven to be the best because of its mobility, reliability, and durability – most especially through the armoring solutions that Schutzcarr Global applied to the vehicle. 
With all the high-quality materials used for armoring the Toyota Hilux its roof, floor, passenger compartments, and others, security and safety is heightened and guaranteed.


  • 5-speed manual
  • 236 HP
  • 4x4 Drive configurations
  • 5135 | 1760 | 1735 mm
  • 3085 mm wheel base

Armored Enhancement

  • B6 level of protection
  • High-quality armor steel for all four sides of the passenger compartment
  • FB6 Level of protection for opaque areas
  • BR6 Level of protection for transparent areas
  • Reinforced floor and roof designs for additional protection