The Nissan Navara is believed to be the next generation for pickups – it has a boxed frame, 4x4 mentality, and unsurpassed car engine. 
Since it is equipped with Schutzcarr Global’s exceptional armoring, security and protection to different kind of weather conditions will be assured – it can withstand hazardous external elements and ensure the safety of the passengers.


  • Engine: 2.5L
  • Max. Output: 168 hp & 244 Nm
  • Drive Configuration: 4x4
  • Transmission Type: 6MT
  • Seats: Double Cab
  • Airbags, ABS etc.

Armored Enhancement

  • B6 Level of Protection
  • Armored plating for passenger compartments
  • Ballistic glass reinforced on door windows and windshield ( OEM )
  • Multi-layered coating for transparent areas
  • MIG-welding applied on roof and floor 
  • Protected tank, tailpipe, radiator, battery, and control module of the engine
  • Reinforced suspension components and brake system
  • Run flat tyres