This 6x6 version can accommodate up to 10 crew members, with still a generous space for the diver and the commander. 
It’s undeniably palpable – the supremacy, reliability, and durability of this 6x6 APC that can survive any kind of terrain. With our added engineering and armoring solutions, the reality of horsepower and protection will be rampant and feasible. No matter where it is used anywhere in the world, may it be the harshest environment, you can ensure your safety; because of the ballistic protection applied to the 6x6 APC.


  • Capacity: 12 persons in Total (2+10)
  • Toyota 4.5l V8 turbo diesel 248 HP 392 ft. lbs. torque
  • MDT/NSV 6x6 chassis
  • H: 2,690mm (top of turret) 2,240mm (to top of roof) W: 1,790mm L: 6,095 mm
  • Maximum GVW 6,300 kgs Tare Weight 4,970 kgs
  • Wheelbase 3,640 mm
  • Front and Rear Axle Width 1,515 mm
  • 12VDC and 24VDC Electrical Systems
  • Toyota OE electric locking differentials
  • Track corrected rear axles
  • Dual air-conditioning systems
  • Heavy duty 130 Amp alternator
  • Dual battery system with emergency transfer start and smart charge

Armored Enhancement

  • Level CEN 1063 and 1522BR6/FB6 (B7 possible) of protection
  • Remote controlled 360-degree traversing turret 
  • 6 lifting hooks
  • Heavy-duty hinges
  • Equipment for communication
  • Modular seating arrangements
  • Steel wheels and run flat inserts
  • Reservoir shocks
  • Navigable cameras
  • Sand-ladders, shovels, tool-box, jerry-can holder, two bars, etc.
  • Search lights and cameras that are remote-controlled
  • Tow points on all corners
  • 3500kgs towing capacity