The Armored Land Rover Defender is one of the world’s most distinctive 4WD vehicles. Its interior and exterior suits any kinds of environment – even the war zone territories. 
With SG’s in-house design and armoring applications, as well as the customization that the clients can ask from us, we are able to give unsurpassed solutions to make the car secure and protected from hazardous elements. No matter the body type of the car, SG can give world-class armoring solutions to it.


  • Capacity: 2199 cc
  • No. of cylinders: 4
  • Permanent four-wheel drive (4WD)
  • Front axle two-pin differential

Armored Enhancement

Basis-Chassis (included):
  • Land Rover Defender 110 HT, wheelbase 2794 mm
  • with Diesel engine 2.4 I, 122 HP
  • 6 speed manual gear box with high and low ratio 4x4 drive
  • tires 7.50 R 16
  • Air conditioning fitted to front of vehicle
  • Fire extinguisher in rear cab
  • Spare wheel mounted behind driver's seat in rear cabin
  • Total-length approx 4599mm
  • Payload approx 400 kg
Cross-country vehicle will be armoured with Friedrichs special steel. The armouting is integrated in the body and protects the vehicle according to EEC / CEN protection class VPAM level 6 (cal. 7.62x39).
Used armouring material special steel and the windows multilayer bullet resistant glass are safe against billets as:
All used materials for armouring have been subject to tests by the State bombardment authorities under conditions by the Regional Criminal Investigation Department (for example "Beschussamt MEllrichstadt"
Protoclos enclosed.
Amrouring-Execution of Defender 110 HT:
  • windscreen (straight) multilayer bullet resistant glass
  • right and left side Driver-cabin window as above
  • front area between floor and windscreen
  • right and left side of driver-cabin incl. doors
  • rear wall of the vehicle
  • complete roof till rear wall
  • fold-up hatches in the roof
  • wheel-boxes partially
  • 2 small side-windows right and left side-wall
  • 1 small window in the rear
  • all windows are fixed
  • Omnidirectional light blue
  • Optica-warn-system
  • Siren fitted to the front
  • Roof area will be modified to provide two outward openings (roof hatches)
  • Roof hatches will be sealed using rubber sections to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture when closed
Cab Seating:
  • Seating is provided, rear of the cab seats for total six personal, three either side of the vehicle
  • Seats will be full lenght having foam base covered in black PVC leather Cloth
  • Back rest will be fitted full lenght of the seat at a convenient back support position
Gun Ports:
5 gun ports are provided 2 to each side of the body and 1 in the rear door
Side and rear windows:
5 small armoured windows are provided 2 to each side of the body and 1 in the rear door