Armored vehicles are progressively becoming the preferred choice of transport in Rwanda to guard high-profile, valuable individuals and groups from actual and potential threats. 

Multiple companies provide armored vehicles for sale or lease in the country, but SchutzCarr is the premier option. 

We carefully design our automobiles to offer optimal protection against explosions, bullets, and more. 


If you're seeking protection while traveling through Rwanda, continue reading to learn more about what SchutzCarr offers and how we can assist you by prioritizing your safety.

The Need for Armored Vehicles in Rwanda

Regular attacks occur on the outskirts of Burundi, and it's essential to be vigilant regarding these matters. 

Since the security situation in the country can shift toward instability with little notice, more people are searching for ways to protect themselves. Leasing or purchasing an armored vehicle is an excellent solution. Additionally, we can custom-design any car to meet your needs.

What Armored Vehicles Are Available?

SchutzCarr offers various armored vehicles in Rwanda. Our top sellers include luxury vehicles such as the Lexus X750, armored SUVs like the GMC Denali Yukon or the Toyota Land Cruiser 300, and highly-requested sedans like the Peugeot 508 and the Toyota Avalon. 

If you're looking for even more protection, consider the Tygra APC 6x6 or the APC Mono-Q 4x4, also highly reliable choices from our selection of armored vehicles. 

Our fleet of Armored cars includes the following:

  • Armored security vehicles
  • Armored luxury vehicles
  • Armored specialty vehicles
  • Armored cash-in-transit vehicles
  • Armored personnel carriers
  • Armored pickup 
  • Armored passenger carriers
  • Armored trucks
  • Armored sedan car
  • Armored loaders and excavators
  • Armored SUV

What Form of Protection Do Armored Vehicles Offer?

All of the vehicles in our fleet provide maximum protection. The metal panels we use for the car's body are reinforced, meaning they absorb or deflect gunfire. In conjunction with the bulletproof glass, you can feel secure no matter where you go.

The cars also come with the following:

  • Large door frames
  • Reinforced suspension components
  • Armored batteries
  • Reinforced door hinges 
  • Heavy-duty door retainers

Additional features include:

  • PA and siren system
  • GPS systems
  • Emergency lights
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Smoke screen systems
  • Undercarriage plating

Our Process To Build Armored Vehicles 

Remember that the armored vehicles we are designing require military-grade materials and inspections once the best automobile has been completed. You can't take any risks when protecting someone's life or shielding them from possible harm. 

We take this task very seriously; therefore, we have tried a true method of producing our armored vehicles, which exceeds industry standards. You can rest assured that we can find optimal mobile solutions to get you from point A to point B.


Our Process

Here are the steps we take to produce the best car possible:

Step 1

We completely disassemble the car to expose the frame of the car to begin working.

Step 2

We will measure all parts required for optimal ballistic protection, including doors, firewalls, rear area, ceiling, floor, side walls, etc.

Step 3

We will remove the fuel tank to shield it with ballistic layers and a water-resistant coating. The braking and suspension systems will get modified to accommodate armoring applications better.

Step 4

The entire body of the vehicle will be armored: headers, rear wheel arches, pillar posts, side and kick panels, and a firewall. You can expect the highest quality ballistic steel protection for your windows, doors, roof, floor, and hinges.

Step 5

We will install bulletproof glass on the windshield and windows of the vehicle.


Here at SG, armoring has levels of protection ranging from Levels 4, 5, 6, and 7: it typically takes about two to five weeks to finish the customizations to transform your vehicle into a fully operational armored car. 

Each level reflects ballistic protection from a higher threat level regarding potential bullets. The vehicle roof and compartment side are covered with quality steel armor.

Ballistic Glass

We use transparent armor or ballistic glass. Our material is 15mm-220mm thick and can proficiently defend against bullets that may strike your armored car. 

We take the necessary time to produce transparent armor that is durable and strong against bullets that would attempt to penetrate the glass.

These protective layers get applied to frames, the windshield, and all exterior parts of the car, thus transforming it into a bulletproof car.

The materials and the way our ballistic glass is structured are certified laboratories, assuring you that the glass we provide our customers is among the best you can find in the world.

Why Choose SchutzCarr?

Schutzcarr Global manufactures is a professional company that employs expert-level armoring solutions which produce bulletproof vehicles on par with military-grade applications.

Our special custom engineering solutions are used in APCs, SUVs, cash-in-transit, buses, and other military and civilian vehicles. The quality of our upgrades often exceeds the expectations of our customers. Here at Schutz, we value the protection of life and pride ourselves on providing our customers peace of mind. Our sleek designs are more than capable of providing protection against any would-be attacker. Contact us to see how we can