Armored vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria as a way to protect high-value targets from potential threats. While many companies offer armored vehicles for sale or lease, SchutzCarr is one of Nigeria's leading providers of armored cars. We design our vehicles to provide maximum protection against gunfire, explosives, and other threats.

So if you need protection in Nigeria, keep reading to learn more about our armored vehicles and how they can help keep you safe.

Armored Vehicles in Nigeria 

As the security situation in Nigeria continues to deteriorate, more and more people are looking for ways to protect themselves from potential threats. One of the most popular options is to purchase or lease an armored vehicle.

Armored cars are designed to provide a high level of protection against gunfire and explosives. They typically feature bullet-resistant glass and reinforced metal panels that can deflect or absorb incoming fire.

SchutzCarr is one of the leading providers of armored cars in Nigeria. We offer a wide range of vehicles that we custom design to meet the specific needs of our clients.

What type of protection do Armored Vehicles offer?

We design all of our armored vehicles to provide a high level of protection against explosives, gunfire, and other impacts. We feature bullet-resistant glass and reinforced metal panels that can deflect or absorb incoming fire.

We also include the following features:

  • FB4 / FB6 / FB7 / PM7 / VR7 Level of Protection
  • Armored batteries
  • Large door frames
  • Heavy-duty door retainers
  • Reinforced door hinges
  • Reinforced suspension components

SchutzCarr's team can also provide additional protection features such as:

  • GPS systems
  • PA and siren system
  • Emergency lights
  • Undercarriage plating
  • Smoke screen systems
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems

What Armored Vehicles are Available?

SchutzCarr provides various armored vehicles for Nigeria. Our top sellers include armored SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and GMC Denali Yukon. The Toyota Avalon and Peugeot 508 are some of our most requested armored sedans.

For a higher degree of protection, the APC Mono-Q 4x4 and APC 6x6 (TYGRA) personnel carriers are a top choice of many of our customers.

Who provides Armored Vehicles in Nigeria?

SchutzCarr is the top provider of armored cars in Nigeria. Our armored SUVs, sedans, and military-grade transport vehicles offer the best protection for our clients. If you need an armored vehicle in Nigeria, don't hesitate to contact us today!