About SchutzCarr

Schutzcarr Global manufactures armored cars using supreme and exceptional armoring solutions, creating bulletproof cars and vehicles from military-grade applications.
Our special custom engineering solutions are used in SUVs, APCs, cash in transit, buses, and other civilian and military vehicles to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.
Vehicle armoring companies like Schutzcarr Global provides integrated armoring in their fully-equipped facilities in the MIDDLE EAST and AFRICA. Their capabilities in developing military-grade vehicles are beyond exceptional – armoring cars ever since they were established in AFRICA; having branches in different parts of the world and supplying bulletproof cars internationally to Governments, Embassies, VIPs, Banks and NGOs.
Aiming to give the ultimate safety and security to clients has always been Schutzcarr Global’s top priority – investing more than enough time and effort in innovating, designing, and constructing military-grade bulletproof cars for varied types of application in the field for customers.
Through Schutzcarr’s ground-breaking armoring solutions, you will be able to take driving in safety to the next level.
Since 5 years ago, we have been providing comprehensive supply chain solutions for the armoring industry, giving effective armoring solutions, making us the leading manufacturers among the vehicle armoring companies in the industry. SG Armoring develops and produces armored cars that are customized using the highest automotive standards and ballistic levels. Our certified portfolio for sales accommodate SUvs, Cash in Transit, APCs, buses, commercial and military vehicles for any type of purpose across the globe.
As on OEM, we produce customized, exclusive, and limited editions of vehicles that are created with unsurpassed, high-quality ballistic materials that are qualified in a professional quality management system. Our armored cars are tested by the most reliable ballistic testing agency, Beschussamt, under tough variety of circumstances to certify that the armoring solutions applied are efficient and effective. The entire driving dynamics package in our armored vehicles is approved by the Nord Vehicle Inspection Organization – guaranteeing that all our armored cars that are operating from all corners of the world are all suited for extreme road and climate conditions. 
SG’s state-of-the-art vehicles are tailor-made for military and civilian applications – our aim is to give the most integrated solutions that will meet the requirement of our clients. Our armoring services are backed up with customer service, training courses, driver training, and spare parts supplies. 
Most of our customers are NGOs, aid agencies, European agencies and presidents. As one of the best vehicle armoring companies, we make sure to give the highest quality of security solutions. Our armored cars are often utilized by armed forces from all over the world – perfectly suited for saving lives.
SG Armoring have been delivering prosperous projects for the automotive industry for the past couple of years and now have become an independent and reliable certified OEM supplier of armored cars. We take pride in using high engineering and production solutions that are applied in all our armored vehicles.
You can rely on the engineering services of SG Armoring because our workforce are experienced enough to deliver all what is needed to come up with special armored vehicles that can be utilized even in the worst road and climatic situations.


At SG Armoring, our organization is equipped with workers who have extensive skills in implementing armoring solutions to all types of vehicles. Our resources and components are durable enough to make a bullet proof car.



Our years of experience at SG armoring have been tested enough – our armored cars are given extreme ballistic protection, that it passes tests all the time.



SG has project managers who are passionate and skilled enough to execute and complete all complex projects that we do for our clients. This involves not only the manufacture of armored cars but as well as the initial concepts and individual product runs we our clients need from us.



Our main goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations – and we achieve this through intensive teamwork, with the supervision of our team managers, and attain seamless production of a bullet proof car, hence, armoring solutions.



Our engineers at SG are recruited and screened in a strict manner – coming from the best in the automotive industry and utilizing the highest quality of CAD tool Catia V5 and Siemens NX, to ensure the best finish in all our armored cars.



Our main goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations – and we achieve this through intensive teamwork, with the supervision of our team managers, and attain seamless production of a bullet proof car, hence, armoring solutions.

Our production facilities at SG Armoring have a supreme manufacturing capacity. Our enhanced production lines give us the capability to complete our projects on time, hence, have a short production and delivery timeline.

Our corporate structure is based on the standards of OEM – allowing us to produce armored cars with the highest durability. We have engineering facilities all over MENA region that can accommodate all types of armored vehicles, like cars, buses, and trucks. Our design team are dedicated enough to create efficient products which made us become renowned and partnered with even the most prestigious and established companies from all over the world.

And our facilities in Africa – COMESA and SADQ countries – have an advantage of using the TAX and import subsidies when importing vehicles manufactured in our facilities in Africa. 


We really love what we do

What Makes Us Different


Our Facilities

Over 50,000 sqft of total production facilities capable of completing the most demanding contracts on time.


Our Global Presence

Service presence in Africa throughout the entire year.


Complete Logistics

Complete Logistics and optimizations handled by us from start to finish.



Full Standard

Many standard features in our designs are considered extra or optional by our competitors.


Variety of Vehicles.

All types of civilian and military Vehicles.


Customized Armored Vehicles 

Special Projects, R&D, we build based on the requirements of our clients.


Schutzcarr has presence in over 50 countries